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At Arizona Off-Road Attorneys we believe in every case that we take on and handle all of our litigation in house.

Arizona Off-Road Attorneys is a group of experienced personal injury trial attorneys in Arizona who are dedicated to representing off-road enthusiasts throughout the state. At Arizona Off-Road Attorneys, our mission is to be there for you and your loved ones when you need us most and to get you the full compensation you deserve for your injuries. Whether you have been injured crawling rocks at Table Mesa or crawling curbs at the mall, our team of dedicated legal professionals can pull you out when the insurance companies have your case high centered.

Our attorneys have over 40 years of combined personal injury experience and have been off-roading nearly as long! We understand how things can happen differently off the beaten path and have the knowledge to move your claim through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible. As off-roaders ourselves, we are even equipped to travel to and assess the scene of an injury causing incident, regardless of how far off pavement that scene may be!

Arizona Off-Road Attorneys is a division of Koglmeier Law Group, PLC.

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Off-Road Injuries

Bone Injuries

Even with roll cages, harnesses, and other standard safety equipment, bone injuries are a common occurrence in an off-road collision. Bone injuries vary widely in severity, from hairline fractures that cause a moderate amount of pain to severe compound fractures that can send victims into shock and leave permanent damage. When you are severely injured in an off-road accident there is no substitute for getting the medical care you need ASAP. Arizona Off-Road Attorneys has the provider network to ensure that you get to the right type of medical provider the first time!

Spinal Injuries

From whiplash to disc herniations, spinal injuries are another common occurrence in an off-road accident. Arizona Off-Road Attorneys has decades of experience handling motor vehicle collisions and working with medical providers throughout the state to make sure you get the care you need when you need it!

Brain Injuries

(TBIs) are very common with off-road accidents. Due to the forces involved in a motor vehicle collision, you can suffer a concussion or other TBI without even hitting your head or losing consciousness.  Arizona Off-Road Attorneys works with medical providers throughout the state to ensure that our clients have access to cutting edge neurocognitive testing and get the compensation they deserve after suffering a TBI.


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Not only do our attorneys care about you and your case but we care about the off-road community and keeping the hobby of off-roading accessible for generations to come. This dedication to the off-road hobby is shown through partnerships with organizations like KeepOurDesertClean where one of our founding attorneys, Ted Horowitz, sits on the board of directors. Arizona Off-Road Attorneys’ passion for giving back to the community is so strong that we pledge to donate a portion of every contingent fee earned by Arizona Off-Road Attorneys to a charitable organization of each client’s choice.




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